White-label Business Solutions

We are team of software engineers licensing white label solutions for consultants

What is white labeling?

White-label software refers to rebranding and reselling it as a customized solution under your derivative. With this feature, you can establish a custom pricing policy tailored to each project's requirements.

Our products are not large enterprise applications like an ERP or a CRM, but, using the same technology, they address specific needs that those applications do not usually cover or need more flexibility.

In those cases, combining our passion for creating software with your mission to provide mentoring to the business is highly synergetic.

Our applications are flexible frameworks that you tailor to meet the specific needs of our clients. Each product is unique and can be priced and licensed in a variety of ways.

Our Proposition

Our partnership and products come with the following benefits:


White-label lets you carry and promote your brand. You also avoid investment and development risks and the constraints of an on-the-shelf solution. At the same time, you expand your service with recurring revenues. This way, you can focus on exploiting your expertise instead of facing tech issues.


Our software isolates business rules from technical algorithms. You specify business rules in plain text or tabular format and can change them whenever needed without depending on the technical team. You do not need technical knowledge to customize the applications and deliver active documentation to your client.


You probably already know the handicap of most packaged applications. They depend on their database, which somebody shall populate and constantly synchronize. That means effort and constant trouble. Our interface-based solutions can plug directly into your client database without requiring data transfer and synchronization.


We design our solution to minimize onboarding efforts and produce incremental results. As a result, you will be able to surprise your client with the first tangible results in a matter of weeks. The resulting confidence and feedback will keep the project on the fast track.


All our solutions are frameworks composed of reusable components and modules. Those components and modules, individually testable, have proven their reliability and efficiency over time in many distinct applications and environments. Therefore, the solution you assemble using our components will be reliable and predictable.


We know the large dispersion of budgets depends on many factors, including industry, project size, and client maturity. The advantage of a white-label solution is that there is no predefined licensing policy. Therefore, we are ready to discuss the best price strategy with you on a case-by-case basis.

Let's get Started

I'd love to hear from you if one of our solutions might apply to your needs. Our team of experts will work with you to verify the solution's viability and prepare a small prototype to validate whether it meets your specific requirements.

If we decide to proceed, we'll provide you with full support and mentoring to expand on the pilot prototype and create a demo for your client. Best of all, this service is entirely free of charge. I want to ensure you are delighted with the solution before committing to any licensing.

You will not be under any obligation. Our solutions should be able to speak for themselves, and we're confident that you'll be impressed with what we can offer.

So if you're interested in exploring how one of our solutions could benefit your organization, let's start today! Just book a first talk with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a short list of frequently asked questions about our offer for your convenience.

  • Shall I disclose my client's name to you?

    Yes, for licensing purposes, if the application is on-premise. That is a legal requirement. Remember that we never contact your client without your previous request or consent, and our clients and partners are kept confidential. We will never use your or your client's name as a reference to protect your privacy. Additionally, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding this matter.

  • It is usually recurring (yearly), but we can agree upon a one-shot payment. In this case, there will be a recurring maintenance fee if the user (your client) wishes to have support and upgrade.

  • Both alternatives are possible. Should we bill your client, we will repass you the agreed participation.


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